We’ve all been bombarded with television ads urging us to save money.  Who can argue with that?  Sure, but look at it from the other side: you get what you pay for.  That’s true even in a supposedly commodified product like car insurance.  Look around at the things you own and the  consumer choices you make and ask yourself, is the cheapest product always right for me?  Do you have the cheapest smartphone, car, or  clothes?  If not, then you know that good quality is sometimes worth paying extra for.

How does good quality manifest itself in car insurance?  First and foremost, an insurance company that pays your claims promptly, fairly, with  courteous professionals who sympathize with you when you’re in the emotionally-trying circumstance of a car accident.  Second, helpful advice from a licensed insurance agent to guide you through the myriad choices of selecting the appropriate coverage.  And lastly, good customer service, like when you add a car to the policy or need replacement insurance cards; you should only have to call once to get what you need.

Beacon Insurance Agency is proud to be able to quote you insurance for your personal or family vehicles from some of the highest-quality insurance companies in the market.  Like Chubb.  Travelers.  MetLife.

Very often discounts are available for good drivers, safety devices, multiple cars in a household, and for buying your homeowners insurance from the same company.  With these discounts factored in, your total price isn’t that much more AND you get great quality coverage and service.  

Contact us to see if you are eligible for a quotation from these great companies.

Car insurance is for bad drivers too.  Even if you have a poor driving history, don’t despair because we participate in the New Jersey Automobile  Insurance Plan (NJAIP).  You may be eligible for car insurance from this Plan if you have been turned down by two insurance companies within the last 60 days and you are a New Jersey resident.

Beacon Insurance Agency understands that bad luck happens to good people.  No matter what your history, you deserve great service from your insurance agent and insurance company.  We are ready to help you get back in the drivers seat with confidence!

Resources for car insurance shoppers:

The New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance has some useful information for you at this link.   It pays to be an educated consumer!

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